FinTech & E-commerce

The world is changing due to disruptive FinTech solutions. At Thinksoft we have worked on projects in such fields as IoT, AI, blockchain, cloud computing, and cryptocurrency, which are the major drivers of the FinTech industry. Thanks to that, Thinksoft has a strong track record in the rapidly evolving financial branch.

Here is why our clients have chosen to work with us, no matter whether they were an expert in the industry or just starting out, we offer solutions that help to:

E-Commerce is nothing new for society nowadays, it’s been an integral part of shopping for many people for about 20 years now. However, for businesses, it’s inevitably to adjust to the trends in E-Commerce in order to survive.


At Thinksoft we continuously work on implementing cutting-edge technology such as AR and VR, customization of the products and personalized experience thanks to big data, use of chatbots and focusing on building fast and decent mobile applications (due to the unstoppable rise of purchases made via mobile devices) in order to revolutionize customers’ experience.


Among other projects that we have worked on, here are the most outstanding: