We founded Thinksoft for bringing value to your business every working day

Our background

We started small, with just a team of both enthusiastic founders of the company and dedicated developers, who have been in the IT industry since 2005. Thanks to everyday challenges, many projects in different domains and our eagerness to push it forward, we keep getting stronger day by day.


We specialize in custom software creation including mobile development and IT consulting. Our team strives to find the best solutions for you as our customer, which we then turn into reality. These can be single-page applications on such frameworks as React or Angular, as well as native or hybrid mobile applications for iOS and Android. There is a wide range of the tech stack we use as we have vast experience in the sphere. However, no one orders custom development for the sake of custom development.

Our everyday goal is to provide high-quality software development services to clients from different sectors, like document management, business support systems, and processes automation. We design and develop incredible apps and innovative software products for web, mobile, blockchain, etc.

As architects, we have solid technical expertise and understand your business processes in order to offer the best solution. Looking at technical solutions from the business perspective is something that many ignore, but we aim to solve specific business problems achieving business goals through best practices in software development.

We are efficient, strongly motivated to succeed, data-driven and passionate about what we do. Moreover, we are open-minded and flexible, there are cases in our practice when the business task has been changed in the course of cooperation. The customer came up with one task, but in the end, during the negotiations, it turned out that another task would be more efficient. This approach allows us to identify the business value of the task and reconsider it if necessary.

Thinksoft can make your dream product come true, migrate your legacy solution to mobile and cloud, or maintain and develop an existing application.

our values

We strive to build strong, long- term relationships with our clients

We seek to achieve and maintain the highest level of excellence in our services we provide

Integrity is the hallmark of the business. Integrity and professionalism are the values we follow do to deserve your trust

Every day we come to work to push boundaries and change how the world uses technology

We’re open to change and new ideas from our customers, employees, and others

We believe that collaboration is the key to success. This is what makes our team trustworthy and productive


We believe, that making really great products, that push business forward by achieving business goals, requires seeing the world in a different light.


To make our clients happy by offering the most effective solution to a business problem and bring value to their business every day.