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Custom Software Development in Thinksoft

ThinkSoft provides necessary experts to implement the projects your business needs. We ensure support throughout the life cycle of our products: websites, mobile apps, chatbots, and other custom software solutions that are ready to scale and are adapted to market expectations.

We provide the required talent for project tasks of any complexity: from prototyping web applications to the full-scale development of highly intelligent big data management systems.

Our pre-vetted developers will become an integral part of your in-house team: they will work according to the established schedule, attend meetings, and report to your managers. However, as opposed to freelancers, remote team members are based in our office, which provides additional control and guarantees.

You can alter the number of developers any time during the project and be confident you have the support you need through all development stages. This helps avoid lengthy employee searches and facilitates the hiring process of desired experts that may be needed temporarily.

We offer different ways of cooperating:


  • project development from scratch
  • participation in existing projects, supporting them in separate phases
  • creation of new product versions
  • consulting for the improvement of existing solutions

Our approach covers the strategic vision and interest of each product’s successful release: 2-week sprints, continuous testing during development, focus on key business functions, launching MVP to test ideas and basic features in the field, a gradual increase of functionality, and improving the product hand-in-glove with clients. Every MVP development involves an architect and experienced developers. They provide a well-built architecture with an accurate technology stack help to avoid bottlenecks and simplify subsequent product scaling.

The above allows us to significantly reduce production costs, eliminate unwanted future expensive adjustments, and accelerate the product’s release on the market without losing the quality of the solution.

You will get:

100% individual team
100% individual team
We create a team of experts based on the specific needs of your project. You will never have to pay for the work of employees who aren’t engaged in a particular phase. They will only take part as appropriate. Each team member is chosen individually and agreed upon by you. This approach can significantly reduce development costs while increasing the efficiency of each process.
Fast start
Fast start
We will provide the necessary personnel for any phase of your custom software development process and will scale according to your business needs. We have experts in all areas and will quickly assemble a dedicated team, allowing the project to begin without delay.
Suitable technology
Suitable technology
Our technology stack is constantly expanding and covers all advanced tools such as Microservices, AWS, ML, Blockchain, etc. We will choose accurate technologies for your project according to realistic needs and strategic plans for further product development and scaling.

Cooperation phases


Start of cooperation:

  • NDA
  • Clarification of business goals and project requirements
  • MSA

preparation stage:

  • Business analysis
  • Discovery phase
  • Technical documentation
  • Team composition & hiring
  • Choosing a development methodology

Development process:

  • Delivery plan according to the chosen concept
  • Added business value each 2 weeks
  • Constantly testing

Production and release


Support & consultancy:

  • Technology consulting and audit
  • Support and improvement of projects
  • Supervision of your team

Why ThinkSoft?

Over the years, our company has built a reputation for being a reliable European IT partner that is ready to implement custom software solutions that help clients achieve their specific business goals. We provide a wide range of services from training and consulting, to the development and support of high-tech products. As a result, we are expanding the capabilities of each business that needs access to certain technologies, high-class engineers or experience in a particular field.

The best specialists on the market – Senior level

Thanks to our own team and a wide affiliate network, we provide access to the extensive personnel pool. For this reason, we are offering exclusive expertise in custom software development at a reasonable cost.

Full project support: from the idea to the release

You can be sure of the result. We assume full responsibility to develop the best technical solution within the established budget and deadlines.

Focus on the business goals of customers

From creating a clear communication scheme to choosing the right technologies for the project and the methods of its implementation, we ensure total transparency of all processes and focus on the client. Our solutions are based on your business goals and finding the best way to achieve them. This approach allows you to create technologically advanced products that add value to your business and support its competitive advantages.

High ethical standards

We adhere to high ethical standards, make decisions, and act according to customer interests. We fulfill obligations and take responsibility. We protect confidential information and guarantee the legal purity of each process at all phases of cooperation with ThinkSoft. High respect at the heart of all work processes, allows us to create strong relationships that excel cultural differences and focus on the best result.
Why ThinkSoft?

Our team

ThinkSoft has a team of the best senior-level developers. We know the importance of the human factor, so we choose candidates very carefully by performing a psychological assessment of personality, testing their knowledge, experience and other factors that can affect work processes. In contrast to freelance, where each developer is on his own, we work as a team. We build strong quality relationships based on respect, support, and friendship. We achieve more by trusting one another and applying joint virtues of experience and intelligence.

This allows us to develop better solutions. As a result, we not only provide qualified candidates with exceptional technical skills but also staff the project team as quickly as possible, regardless of the task complexity and the rarity of expertise, whether it’s Senior Rust or Machine learning engineer.

thinksoft team

Knowledge and experience

We offer software solutions based on the latest technology. Discover new opportunities for developing your business both in daily work and long-term prospects.

  • Data Analysis

    Data Analysis

    The ability to make the right decisions based on data on how to increase revenue or optimize operations.
  • Internet of Things

    Internet of Things

    We are developing rapidly in the Internet of Things and make useful products in pharming and other industries
  • Cloud computing

    Cloud computing

    Ask us how to migrate to AWS or scale the infrastructure with Kubernetes
  • Machine learning

    Machine learning

    We effectively solve all problems of machine learning.
  • Chatbot development

    Chatbot development

    We know how to train chatbots more effective.
  • Web&Mob Applications

    Web&Mob Applications

    What makes a good pipeline? A good CI/CD pipeline is fast, reliable and accurate

Safety is the foundation of long-term cooperation

Protecting confidential information
Protecting confidential information
All confidential data shared with the product development team is subject to NDA and protected by strict corporate policies.
Business process transparency
Business process transparency
Clearly structured communication at all project phases, 2-week sprints with the provision of results, post-project support for the product – we ensure our cooperation is fully consistent with your business goals.
Legal protection and payment in Europe
Legal protection and payment in Europe
Our company has a VAT registration number. We keep all work and documentation in accordance with the laws and standards of the European Union. By working with ThinkSoft LLC, you will gain a reliable European partner and be confident in the legal purity of each process.
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