We offer you a dedicated team of engineers that fit well a project needs and your expectation

Dedicated team

If you look for competence and excellence, Thinksoft will provide you with a dedicated team of experienced developers, designers and software engineers who will be fully committed to your projects.

Today, Ukraine is the leader in eastern Europe in the quality of engineering education and the number of decent technical specialists, so we have access to qualified staff who can become a part of your team.

Organizational structure and communication

Organizational structure and communication


  • Dedicated team working exclusively on your project
  • Full control over the team work
  • Transparent communication process
  • High security and confidentiality of the project
  • Clear pricing
  • Zero expenses for social benefits, bonuses, etc.

The working process

We organize a convenient and efficient process for managing a dedicated team. The required number of specialists of the appropriate level of expertise will work on projects adding business value every 2 weeks.

To provide our clients with a simple and quick pricing system for long-term projects, we offer a monthly fixed payment model. This model allows everyone to accurately set the payment for a certain period of time.

The working process

Responsibility of a client

General Management
General Management
The client is responsible for cooperation with Thinksoft on the organization and management of a dedicated development team and the main aspects of their work
Project management
Project management
The client is responsible for the organization and control of the project development process and the overall load of the dedicated team

Our responsibility

Administrative management
Administrative management
  • providing financial, legal, administrative support to help both a client and a dedicated team.
  • providing a place for the team in a high-tech office
  • providing employees with the equipment of their choice
Human Resources Department
Human Resources Department
Responsible for three main areas:
  • selection of specialists for a dedicated team
  • ongoing training for their professional growth
  • providing various incentives

How to begin

Hiring a great dedicated agile team is easy. Our process consists of three steps:

Analysis of client’s requirements in order to provide developers with the necessary information on the project. It consists of:
  • determining infrastructure and requirements for specialists of a dedicated team;
  • determining the amount of work and tasks that a dedicated team should perform
Drafting a contract with the information on the timing, cost and project agreements
Formation of a dedicated team, including the selection of developers; providing them with all the necessary equipment, software, office space, etc.