We are different but still the same because we share the passion for the projects we do

At Thinksoft we know that our biggest value is our people. We are different but still the same because we share the passion for the projects we do. Thanks to the dedication and performance of each employee we are able to develop an actual value for businesses of our clients.


The secret that makes our communication remarkable is that we constantly support each other. We are more friends than co-workers and we love to hang out with each other, no matter if it’s a professional meetup we organized, a pizza party or just an everyday lunch.

We love to share our knowledge and inspiration and we do so through organizing internal workshops and trainings (for example devoted to tech innovations or to self-growth).

Our everyday life is guided by our main values inside the team:

Unconditional tolerance and equity
Environmental responsibility: we are conscious of actions as sorting the wastes and energy savings
Sustainable personal growth, both inside the company and UNIT.City, thanks to an enormous amount of the coolest event and enthusiastic professionals around us
Active lifestyle promotion, thanks to having a gym inside of UNIT.City at our disposition

So, basically, that’s who we are: technical experts, strategic thinkers and at the same time a bunch of good friends, who unite all our efforts to create impressive solutions.

Let’s get acquainted!

our team
Aleksandr Hlukhenkyi
Aleksandr Hlukhenkyi
Chief Executive Officer
Sergii Trizna
Sergii Trizna
Chief Technology Officer
Yurii Losovskyi
Yurii Losovskyi
Co-Founder & Managing partner
Viktor Yakovenko
Viktor Yakovenko
Chief Financial Officer
Anastasiia Adamova
Anastasiia Adamova
Business Development manager
Viktoria Losovska
Viktoria Losovska
Human Resource Manager
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