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Information & Security

The world relies on technology more than ever before, therefore efforts to keep information secure have accordingly become increasingly important. Information security is a set of processes and tools intended to protect sensitive business information from modification, disruption, destruction, and inspection, both where it is stored and while moving through a network.

Main principles of information security that we follow:

Thinksoft provides proprietary solutions in developing software for web and mobile applications in order to provide for businesses the safest environment for information storage and exchange.


Our expertise is:


Insurtech is a strong trend nowadays in the Insurance industry, which defines competition. Thinksoft is cooperating with various European insurance companies, helping them to digitize insurance, by bringing innovative technologies to raise competition, upgrade customer experience and optimize the performance in general.

Insurance companies collect incredible amounts of data, while most of them, according to the research, use only 10 to 15% of the data they accumulate.

Implementing machine learning would allow managing data in a more efficient way, which would assist with the selection of insurance plans for the customers, by analyzing client’s data and offering the most appropriate product.

Other perks that machine learning would bring into your business are internal workflow automation and human factor minimization, fraud detection, predictive analytics on the demand for products, high accuracy in processing claims.

It’s a good idea to think about using AI to create chatbots that would communicate with customers verbally or through text. The key advantage is that they are available to customers at any time via mobile or web application and can be used to file claim reports or complete applications or for example in case of emergency.


The solutions that Thinksoft offers for the insurance industry are the game-changers. First of all, we create a basic but essential tool - CRM systems, which are practically a necessity today for every insurance company due to the high competition in the sector. CRM system is a chance to enhance customer loyalty and multiply the efficiency of overall performance.

Another practical solution is onboarding portals. We know how hard it is to win customer loyalty in the insurance industry, that’s why implementation of the onboarding portal would definitely make one of the most important processes, the process of sign-up, more easy, pleasant and cost-saving.


A vast majority of customers state that they are fed up with the time-consuming process of choosing and then signing up insurance policies, that’s why we develop web and mobile applications that reduce devoted time to minutes.

It is clear that Insurtech is here to change the ways of doing business in the industry, but Thinksoft can be your reliable partner in bringing innovations in insurance to life and succeeding in this fast-changing, tech-oriented world.


E-Learning is not new today for most of the people. It has proved to be the best means in the corporate sector, both for the employers and the employees. In the first place, the businesses gain the possibility to cut the major costs on training, seminars, etc. And from the side of employees, EdTech systems serve as a bonus encouragement to learn more thanks to the convenience and the ability to acquire important skills while sitting in a boardroom, or at home at their own tempo.

The schools which use E-learning technologies are a leap forward of those that still use only the traditional methods in learning. E-Learning is not only about the perks of distance studying, it actually can fully transform the experience of learning in classrooms with the use of devices and innovative software, making the process more efficient and joyful at the same time.

The importance of e-learning is fully acknowledged and it can offer an alternative that is much faster, low-priced and potentially better.

The trends have been developing rapidly over the last decade and are to develop even faster in today’s brisk world of disruptive changes.

At Thinksoft we have proven experience in the implementation of complex systems for distance learning which changed the process of distance learning for students and teachers, making more convenient and pleasant.

Agriculture & Farming

The agriculture industry today is facing many challenges, while its role for humanity grows ever more vital. The solution was found in modern technologies. In recent years, the adoption of digital technologies in agriculture has been adjusting the ways that farmers breed animals, treat crops and manage fields.

Smart farming and precision agriculture are the revolutionary trends that are to increase efficiency and profit more than 25% of any agricultural object, no matter if it’s a complex of fields, a small greenhouse or a farm

It became possible thanks to the development of GPS, soil scanning, weather or crop monitoring, data management, and Internet of Things technologies

We have experience in developing an IoT solution for a traceability system for animal production

It allows the farmer to better monitor the needs of individual animals and adjusts their nutrition correspondingly, preventing disease, enhancing animals’ health and track location

All in all, IoT and other cutting-edge technology as sensors, drones combined with impressive software solutions are changing the concept of farming making it more profitable, efficient, safer, and simple.

FinTech & E-commerce

The world is changing due to disruptive FinTech solutions. At Thinksoft we have worked on projects in such fields as IoT, AI, blockchain, cloud computing, and cryptocurrency, which are the major drivers of the FinTech industry. Thanks to that, Thinksoft has a strong track record in the rapidly evolving financial branch.

Here is why our clients have chosen to work with us, no matter whether they were an expert in the industry or just starting out, we offer solutions that help to:

E-Commerce is nothing new for society nowadays, it’s been an integral part of shopping for many people for about 20 years now. However, for businesses, it’s inevitably to adjust to the trends in E-Commerce in order to survive.


At Thinksoft we continuously work on implementing cutting-edge technology such as AR and VR, customization of the products and personalized experience thanks to big data, use of chatbots and focusing on building fast and decent mobile applications (due to the unstoppable rise of purchases made via mobile devices) in order to revolutionize customers’ experience.


Among other projects that we have worked on, here are the most outstanding: