We seek to achieve and maintain the highest level of excellence in our services we provide

Information & Security

The world relies on technology more than ever before, therefore efforts to keep information secure have accordingly become increasingly important. Information security is a set of processes and tools intended to protect sensitive business information from modification, disruption, destruction, and inspection, both where it is stored and while moving through a network.


Insurtech is a strong trend nowadays in the Insurance industry, which defines competition. Thinksoft is cooperating with various European insurance companies, helping them to digitize insurance, by bringing innovative technologies to raise competition, upgrade customer experience and optimize the performance in general.


E-Learning is not new today for most of the people. It has proved to be the best means in the corporate sector, both for the employers and the employees. In the first place, the businesses gain the possibility to cut the major costs on training, seminars, etc. And from the side of employees, EdTech systems serve as a bonus encouragement to learn more thanks to the convenience and the ability to acquire important skills while sitting in a boardroom, or at home at their own tempo.

Agriculture & Farming

The agriculture industry today is facing many challenges, while its role for humanity grows ever more vital. The solution was found in modern technologies. In recent years, the adoption of digital technologies in agriculture has been adjusting the ways that farmers breed animals, treat crops and manage fields.

FinTech & E-commerce

The world is changing due to disruptive FinTech solutions. At Thinksoft we have worked on projects in such fields as IoT, AI, blockchain, cloud computing, and cryptocurrency, which are the major drivers of the FinTech industry. Thanks to that, Thinksoft has a strong track record in the rapidly evolving financial branch.