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Cybersecurity file sharing platform

Industry: Internet, Information & Security
Technology: Python. Scala, Elm, ReactJs, Swift, Kotlin

The product is a file-sharing service, with functions as downloading, converting and sending files (documents, video, audio, images), enabling to comment on files, geo-tracking, prevent copying or downloading, etc.


Our goal was the migration from an old application to the new one as efficiently as possible and implement disruptive solutions in order to solve the issues of corporate clients and boost product sales.

As our customer’s main standard and the value was the security of the content shared via this platform, it was decided to add the ability to encrypt all types of content on all devices.

Some of the solutions that were implemented:

According to analysts, product sales were expected to grow by 40% after the release into production, although reliability, speed, and ease of scaling of the product made the product sales grow by 70% (which highly exceeded expectations).

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